Whether you want to finance real estate construction or expand your business operations, our sophisticated Credit Enhancement Strategies (TM) can help you put existing wealth to work. Retain assets while meeting your liquidity needs, our Credit Enhancement Strategies (TM) help your company to grow beyond the normal expected rate to exceptional growth, allowing you to take advantage of those rare business opportunities. We can customize credit and equity solutions that will make your business zoom.


Line of Credit

A line of credit provides flexibility that a regular business loan do not. With a line of credit, you can borrow up to a certain limit and pay interest only on the portion of money that you borrow.  You can draw and repay funds as you wish, as long as you don’t exceed your line of credit limit.

A business line of credit differs from a term loan, which provides a one-time lump sum of cash upfront, repaid over a fixed time period. Most lenders allow you to repay your balance in full early to save on interest costs.

Our line of credit borrowing limits typically ranging from $1,000,000 and up and they are intended for your company to make the next big leap to the next level.

Business lines of credit with lower credit limits are also typically unsecured, which means collateral such as real estate or inventory is not always required.

Need to build a new office? Want to buy inventory? Expanding to a new market? Then a business line of credit makes sense!

Proof of Funds

Some times your funds are tied up in other projects, thereby keeping you from taking on that next project.  Our Proof of Funds strategy allows you to unlock the liquidity.

Our Credit Enhancement Structure - Proof of Funds is a common method used to demonstrate proof of funds for large projects so that banks will lend money for commercial projects.

This process is primarily used to provision project and commercial endeavors balance sheet and credit enhancement. For example, if you need funding for any type of real estate investment, you are covered. The verification or proof of funds can be utilized to qualify for a loan and/or line of credit or if you need to verify the funds longer, they can be verified throughout the life of the loan for an additional cost.

This is not to be misconstrued as a joint venture arrangement or equity partnership in your project.


Non-Recourse Funding Arm

Credit Enhancement StrategiesTM  are non-traditional solutions to funding your project or business. Through our NON-RECOURSE FUNDING ARMTM , you fund the project using your own funds, thereby eliminating the need for debt financing or securing equity from a partner.

Our programs start at $500,000 and up in project financing needs.

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