Whether you call it business financing, business funding, or whatever other jargon the industry has come up with, business financing and project funding is the money you need to help start, run, and grow your company. Plus the pace at which borrowing money is changing, few business owners can keep up.

Historically, the business owner could walk into their bank and walk out with an approved loan.  But with so many lending options, financing rules, and detailed qualifications, the landscape can be confusing and frustrating.   This is where Business Loan Solutions comes in. We are a private money lender who wants solid, reliable, fundable opportunities to support. Our customized solutions provide flexible criteria to qualify. We invest in you!

Explore our business financing options and find out how to use business loans and credit to finance your business needs.

Line of Credit

A line of credit provides flexibility that regular business loans do not. With a line of credit, you can borrow up to a certain limit and pay interest-only payments for the duration of the term and there is no prepayment penalty.

Our line of credit borrowing limits typically, start at $1,000,000 and go up. We want your company to make the big leap to the next level.

Business lines of credit with lower credit limits are also typically unsecured, which means collateral such as real estate or inventory is not always required.

Need to build a new office? Want to buy inventory? Expanding to a new market? Then a business line of credit makes sense!

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Non-Traditional/Alternate Lending

Non-Traditional/Alternative lending is a broad term used to describe the wide range of loan options available to consumers and business owners outside of a traditional bank loan.

Most simply, businesses have a need for additional capital but have been turned down by traditional “big bank” lenders. There are many alternative lending options available on the market today. We provide bridge financing to get the project or idea stabalized and ready for traditional lending. We specialize in utilizing overlooked sources of collateral such as real estate or even outstanding invoices to secure the loan.

While alternative loans may sometimes have higher interest rates than traditional bank loans, we fill the gap for businesses everywhere by providing much needed funding for growing businesses that have been unable to obtain a loan or line of credit from traditional banks.

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Explore our business financing options and find out how to use business loans and credit to finance your business needs. Please take a moment to complete this inquiry form and we will respond within the next business day.

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