Business Loan Solutions is mainly engaged in providing professional structured funding mechanisms for projects, capital management services and corporate management for the development of enterprises, including but not limited to capital market advisory on world stages, widely from New York, London, Hong Kong and mainland China. Because of our vast network of professional, its handy to have a business savvy finance person in your corner. We  offer strategic management, operations management and other related consulting services that enhance solving for the business solutions that make sense.

We understand how capital operates, providing clients with professional service support such as capital planning, financing, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and financial plans to make better use of the financing channels in the expansion of their financing needs.

We provide clients with the whole process from professional support to strategic management to special planning and development strategy that help clients to make strategies solid for implementation and improvement. BLS is committed to helping enterprises to continuously improve the level of operation management and carry out overall scheme design and implementation support for managing financial success.

We process rich experience in consulting in multiple industries, and constantly explore the newly emerging market segments of the traditional industry, as well as the development opportunities and accesses of the emerging industry.

Through years of accumulation, we have more in-depth industry knowledge and consulting practice experience in many fields such as:  finance, commercial real estate, energy resources, transportation, manufacturing, engineering, construction, technology, media culture, medicine, healthcare, consumer and retails, environmental protection, and others.

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Structured Investments

We use proven financial strategies designed to meet your risk tolerance and stand up against market volatility. And you can count on unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance based directly on your return on investment goals.

Because we participate in a comprehensive commercial network of financial professionals that is comprised of multiple tier structured sources, we have the research capability to deliver global financial options. BLS™ conducts an in depth analysis regarding your financial goals and match a strategy that works for you in the time frame you need it.

We work to prevent wasting a valuable time and company resources, including financial holdings that your company depends upon, through the BLS™ investment scoring system.  Our scoring system rates on the scale of up to 100% the importance and strength of the transaction as well as the clientele rating. There is no system within the marketplace that has the commercial reach, capability and wherewithal of the BLS™ system.

Four-Point Asset Protection System

Every successful financial strategy starts with an excellent client relationship. Our mission and values include exceeding our client’s every expectation. BLS™ offers investors access to a wide variety of investment strategies and risk exposures not typically available through traditional investment mechanisms and investment vehicles.

Wealth generation and asset protection are our primary goal.  To support that mission, we have incorporated strategies, tools, techniques and execution plan into our solutions called the Four Point Asset Protection system.  Our Four-Point Asset Protection System utilizes trust structures for ultimate asset protection and tax minimization.



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