Our Approach

Business Loan Solutions is an industry leader in the business capital arena.  We have over 40 years of finance, business and investing experience to help you reach your financial goals.

We offer a comprehensive range of products for businesses domestically as well as internationally. Our strategies include debt financing, equity financing, wealth generation and project funding. Plus we have partnered with the largest network of banking and lending partners in the world. Our clients have been featured in INC, Forbes, USA Today, MSNBC, Business Week and Wall Street Journal.

Our Mission

Since its establishment, BLS always adheres to the concept of “COOPERATION AS A WIN-WIN”,  while actively advocating the core values of “INTEGRITY WITH INNOVATION”. In terms of business strategic goals, WE take financial services for clients very seriously.

Since capital is the foundation of a solid business, WE are committed to sourcing capital by continuously following the road of sustainable development with innovative and pioneering spirit to help clients find the necessary foundation tools to grow their business and expand through acquisition. OUR customized strategies and loan programs provide an excellent compliment to each clients capital needs while protecting their financial assets.

OUR clients are up to big things.  Every successful financial strategy starts with an excellent client relationship. Our mission and values include exceeding our client’s every expectation. WE serve the clients that are out to change the world with their ideas, products, services and projects to the benefit of society world-wide.

Meet the Team

OUR business team possesses advanced financial management knowledge that helps you find the funding you need to accomplish your business goals and objectives.  WE provide rich successful experiences in debt financing, business loans, and project funding strategies that will unleash the power of your business.

OUR high-quality team of experts and senior consultants continuously provide professional and innovative consulting services for our clients world wide. OUR professional financial service staff has extensive executive leadership experience in retail loan services, commercial real estate, consulting, business brokerage and wealth generation solutions.

Kelly Oliver
President & CEO

Kelly Oliver has over 25 years of strategic business experience on helping companies realize their operational and financial goals. She owns an equity position in 12 companies and serves on the board for 5 others. Her background covers technology, healthcare, finance, corporate real estate, retail, construction, and higher education industries. Kelly’s mission is to work with companies that are out to change the world. She is subject matter expert on TALK radio, business podcasts, and public speaker.

Neo El
Managing Director

Mr. Neo El is a key contributing force, behind the financial structures and wealth generating strategies globally. He has been a leader in the International financial landscape for the past 18 years. Mr El has a  high degree of sound strategic management and fiduciary aptitude. He carefully designs customized structures and framework that enhance, protect and propel businesses to prominence and helping clients to reach their financial goals.  He is a principle leader in protecting wealth, capital and assets as a global fiduciary.